Done right.

Your business success and longevity rely on the integrity of your data and information. A lot of small and medium-sized businesses continue to labor with traditional backup processes such as data replication or mirroring, tape, disk, or other removable media. These data backup and recovery methods can be complex and time consuming. Data loss, whether from human error, virus or natural disaster, can seriously impact your business. If disaster strikes, you need to restore your data quickly so you can proceed with business as usual.

Thousands of small- to mid-sized customers already depend on Iron Mountain's award-winning LiveVault server backup and recovery service to keep data safe. Our online backup lets you move data to a secure, offsite facility for disaster recovery, protects your business from the liabilities associated with data protection, and provides up-to-the minute backups - freeing up your IT resources to focus on your business, not your backups.

Whether its your email server, accounting database, desktop workstations or laptops out in the field, there is an automated online backup solution that meets your needs.