Hybrid MSP

Managed Services, with a twist

The Managed Services Provider (MSP) model has helped businesses everywhere improve their bottom line.  Proactive IT maintenance and support is superior to a reactive model.  While we can certainly work within the standard MSP model,  we like to call ourselves a 'hybrid' MSP.  It is a term we made up to describe what we do.  We take the best parts of the MSP model and ditch the rest.  Most MSP's charge to do things like:

  • Update all computers with patches/updates

  • Check backups

  • Check virus protection

  • Reports (monthly/weekly/etc) on all activities

  • Computer Lifecycle Managment

  • Software licencing management

  • Computer/IT Inventory management

  • Monitoring computers/servers

This is all automated at Techglia and we don't feel comfortable with charging our clients for our computers to talk to your computers.  Most of our clients choose our hybrid model where we only charge for our immediate Remote Support and our On-site Support, the rest is included!

In addtion, most MSP's put every client into the same cookie cutter box.  Somehow, that box is supposed to fit every business in it?  We disagree.  We have different clients, even in the same indutry, who have very different technology needs.  They do not fit in the same box, why should we force them to be in any box.  Lets sit down, talk, listen to your story and align your IT needs with your business goals.

Finally, transparency.  Most MSP's lock your data up so you can't get to it.  They hold your passwords hostage, or what is running on what servers.  Not at Techglia.  We give you access to the exact same systems we use.  You can log into those systems and see the exact same thing we can see.  Uptimes, passwords, inventory, you name it.  It is not our data, it is yours, we are merely the custodians.

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