Point of Sale

(The good kind of POS)

For ages, in IT years at least, POS was relegated to a niche of the computer world.  No more.  Now POS system are just computers. Gone are the days of specialized, costly hardware.  Now commodity hardware can be used.  Our POS can be used online or offline, on computers, iPads, Android tablets or laptops.  Point of Sale is now based on a smart interface that everyone can use without difficulty. 

Our POS is fully integrated with your inventory and accounting. It means that any transaction that you make with your the POS will automatically be input into your inventory management and accounting. Our POS includes extra features such as customer service and creation of invoices.

You will be able to run real time statistics and consolidations across all your shops without the hassle of integrating several applications.  We can integrate all your inventory, ERP, CRM and sales data together, giving you unparalled analysis of your data in real time.