An important consideration

More than most things in IT, security is something that is never finished.  There are always more things that can be done, more money to throw at it.  This is for good reason, security is an ever changing field.  Businesses do not have unlimited funds for security, but at the same time do not want to leave themselves open to the possiblity of attack.  There must be awareness of how much security is "good enough", when what you are protecting is worth less than how much the business spent on protecting it.  

As professionals we must listen to your story and work with you to develop a security plan that works with your business goals.  Ease of use must be balanced with good security; training balanced with IT solutions.  At Techglia, we pride ourselves at providing high-level security technology and training at a price point that businesses can actualy afford.  This can include firewalls, encryption, PCI compliance, best practices, training, audits and more.